Triumph of Liberty 
Conference & Gala Dinner

NOVEMBER 19, 2020

Truth • Justice • Memory

You cherish freedom. You know its high cost. You know socialism is slavery ... and communism kills.

While collapsed empires of the First World War gave way to new political possibilities and the Allies—led by Georges Clemenceau, David Lloyd George, and Woodrow Wilson—had proven victorious in the war to end all wars, a new empire grew to the East and another war lay on the horizon. Stalking the now silent European battlefields was a specter—the specter of Bolshevism. Lenin and his Bolshevik army would soon seek to extend the blight of revolution to the West. The Polish-Bolshevik War would be joined, and again the world would come together to beat back the forces of tyranny.

So please, reserve a place for yourself, your guests, or sponsor a table, as we commemorate the 100th anniversary of the Battle of Warsaw, honor the victims and the heroes, and rededicate ourselves to fighting communism and preserving freedom in the 21st century.


Dr. Kornel Morawiecki, posthumous Truman-Reagan Medal of Freedom Recipient

Dr. Kornel Morawiecki was a Polish parliamentarian and Senior Marshal of the Sejm. During the communist rule of Poland, Morawiecki was an influential dissident and activist associated with the Solidarity movement. In 1982, he co-founded Fighting Solidarity a harder-line organization within the Solidarity umbrella. Fighting Solidarity was the only organization to call for the complete decommunization from Poland throughout the entirety of its existence. Morawiecki twice stood for election to the Presidency of Poland, and served as a member of the Sejm and chairman of the Freedom and Solidarity Party. Click here for full biography.