Kornel Morawiecki, Ph.D.

Kornel Morawiecki was a Polish parliamentarian and Senior Marshal of the Sejm. During the communist rule of Poland, Morawiecki was an influential dissident and activist associated with the Solidarity (Solidarność) movement. While a student, Morawiecki participated in student strikes and demonstrations opposing the 1968 Warsaw Pact invasion of Czechoslovakia. In 1979, he edited an underground newspaper and became a delegate to the first national congress of Solidarity. He managed to avoid arrest during the imposition of martial law in 1981. In 1982, he co-founded Fighting Solidarity (Solidarność Walcząca, or SW) a harder-line organization within the Solidarity umbrella. SW was the only organization to call for the complete decommunization from Poland throughout the entirety of its existence. The organization also advocated for the dissolution of the USSR & independence for its constituent Soviet republics, the end of the Eastern Bloc, and the reunification of Germany within the borders agreed at the 1945 Potsdam conference. In 1987, Morawiecki was captured by the Polish secret police and imprisoned. After being given medical parole to Rome, he snuck back into communist Poland three days after his release. Morawiecki twice stood for election to the Presidency of Poland, and he served as a member of the Sejm and chairman of the Freedom and Solidarity Party (Wolni i Solidarni). Morawiecki was awarded the Karel Kramář Medal by the Prime Minister of the Czech Republic for his actions opposing the invasion of Czechoslovakia and was awarded Poland’s highest distinction, the Order of the White Eagle, for decades of service to democratic Poland. Morawiecki is a theoretical physicist by training, holding a doctorate from the University of Warsaw.